"Vita Imperfecta" 7-inch record + CD-R

Side "Dan"
Wrath of Natural Selection
Hickeys & Bruises
Side "Arik"
West of Hell
2nd & Wall

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"The Courage to be Hated" CD/LP

Track Listing
1. Another Juxtaposition 2. Shotgun Bob 3. Attack of the Social Chameleons 4. Josephine 5. Rock and Roll Messiah 6. Likely Story 7. Einz, Zwei 8. This Time 9. Fuck Face 10. Makin' It 11. Three Legged 12. Kitty's Scream 13. Jim's Final Ride on the Night Train 14. Hearing Aid 15. Overcoming Geographical Disadvantages 16. Hitting Bottom 17. County Jail Blues 18. Rectification of the Valdroni

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"14 Ways To Make Friends and Influence People" CD

Track Listing
1. Old Scratch Goes A Courtin' 2. Shotgun Bob 3. County Jail Blues 4. Day of the Thrown Away 5. Talking to Myself Again 6. Eins Zwei Drei Shrei 7. Taking Over 8. Pursuit of Power 9. Victims Anonymous 10. The Reason I'm Alone 11. Itchy Tasty 12. Used To It 13. Daddy's Little Girl 14. Johnny's Run

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The Itch 7-inch record!

Side A
Another Juxtaposition
Kitty's Scream
Jim's Final Ride on the Nighttrain
Side B
Rock and Roll Messiah
And Then There was Light

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